FSC Plantation Forestry Best Operating Practices Documentation Solutions FSC Plantation Forestry Best Operating Practices Documentation Solutions FSC Plantation Forestry Best Operating Practices Documentation Solutions
FSC Plantation Forestry Best Operating Practices Documentation Solutions


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Integrated Management System

Integrated Management Systems (IMS)

Due to the success of Forestry Solutions Best Operating Practices (BOPs) we have identified the need to develop a fully Integrated Management System (IMS). The IMS uses a single system to enable the forestry and/or timber processing company to manage its operations to meet all safety, health, environmental and quality requirements, while also allowing compliance with international certification standards, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, NOSA and FSC. What makes our IMS unique, is the ease with which the forester / manager can access information and use it to be more efficient in day-to-day operations.

Our IMS has three distinct parts:

1. Best Operating Practices (BOPs) of all key forestry and sawmilling operations

The BOPs cover a full description of each forestry or sawmilling activity, including safety, environment, quality and productivity. Each BOP has a full operational description as well as checklists to monitor compliance to safety, environment, quality and productivity aspects .

We cover all forestry activities, amongst others:

  • - Silviculture
  • - Harvesting
  • - Transport
  • - Road Management
  • - Planning
  • - Nurseries
  • - Enumeration
  • - Fire management
  • - Infrastructure management
  • - Conservation management;

An example of some of the processing activities covered are as follows:
  •  - Log yard
  •  - Wet mill
  •  - Kilns (timber drying), including boilers
  •  - Dry mill / store
  •  - Value adding e.g. planers, opticuts, treatment plants, finger jointing, laminating,
  •  - General e.g. maintenance and saw shops, cleaning, supervision, power generators (diesel), visitors
The core of a BOP is the work study data, which gives management a tool to maintain realistic and achievable outputs over a sustainable period. Our IMS contains a data base of the expected productivity level of all key activities. This is the result of over 30 years of work study data that has been collected over a broad spectrum of activities.

2. System Documentation

System documents are the key documents that a timber company or a contractor needs to manage a forestry or timber processing operation and conforms to the relevant international certification standards, providing the customer with one set of documents conforming to all the various systems. What makes the Forestry Solutions IMS unique, is the way in which the system has been packaged and linked to keep it simple, user-friendly, yet compliant with certification requirements.

Part of the system documents includes access to reference material, like certification standards, legislation, relevant international conventions, e.g. ILO, biodiversity, tool box talks, national standards, country and company specific reference material, and reference websites.

3. Checklists Templates and Forms

The IMS provides access to blank checklists, forms and templates for use by managers in their day to day management of operations.

The Integrated Management System includes full customer support, including technical assistance from our carefully selected specialists, with whom we partner. Previous experience has shown that companies who implement the IMS properly, including proper training to all relevant staff, have experienced best results from the service.